Based on the success of Wild Wonders of Europe and following a similar concept, but raising its ambitions on the international level, the Wild Wonders of China initiative is planned to start in 2014, run by the International Nature Photographers Association. With the mission to reveal the amazing and quite unknown natural treasures of China to the Chinese and the world. This is of course a major undertaking and a huge opportunity to help China preserve its outstanding flora and fauna.

With the help from breathtaking photographs and motion film, captured by a Dream Team of the very best Chinese and international photographers and film makers.

The Wild Wonders Foundation is now fundraising to support getting this crucially important mass-communication initiative off the ground.

This will include:

  • hiring a top-qualified team to start up and run the initiative

  • legal expenses and travel costs for fundraising and permit work

  • running the 100+ photo and filming missions all across the country

  • creating an image and footage bank of China’s natural heritage

  • image usage rights fees and the production of educational and promotional material, the initiative’s website, mobile Apps, brochures, etc.

  • production costs for all the communication material and the worktime needed to produce it

The initiative‘s estimated full budget will be around 4 million Euro.

We believe that Wild Wonders of China has the potential to become one of the largest conservation communication initiatives ever.