Wild Wonders of Europe assigned a team of 69 of Europe’s most talented nature and wildlife photographers to more than 135 photo missions across all 48 European countries. Their mission: to deliver visual proof of the natural heritage and the amazing wildlife comeback in Europe. And thus to show that conservation works – a World first!

Never before has the natural heritage of a whole continent been covered in a single photography and multimedia campaign.

A positive approach, revealing Europe’s natural beauty to > 800 million people so far. Celebrating the success of decisions taken and money spent in favour of conservation. Motivating people to contribute to preserving our shared natural heritage. Exciting them through world-class photography and motion film, using all kinds of media outlets available today.

The Wild Wonders Foundation supports the initiative’s Outdoor Exhibition, touring across Europe.

So far, more than 3.5 Million people have seen the exhibition in The Hague, Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Madrid and Stockholm. Many more followed the press campaigns in each country.